Online Piano Lessons

Prin playing the piano at The Bunker Studio in NYC

Prin is a songwriter and music teacher in the NJ/NYC area. She teaches piano, music, and vocal skills to students, ages 2 through adult.

Make learning piano and music easy and glitch-free with Prin’s online piano lesson program!

This is a self-paced online learning program.It is not live instruction. For live instruction, check piano lessons link.

Learn music theory!

Develop the basics of music for any instrument or vocal talent! Understand rhythm, beats, notation, and piano basics with pictures, videos, and short lessons!

Develop fingers!

Fingers are important in piano-playing, and this requires exercises, stretches, warm-ups, and consistent practice, like any other body part. Using your fingers to play the piano is also a fine motor skill, and this program will teach young and older learners alike how to develop this coordination quickly.

Learn to Read and Write Music!

From playing classical music to popular songs on the radio, and learning how to improv with chords and write a song, learning piano can be the first step in a vast array of musical skills. This program uses short song exercises to keep learning interesting for all ages.

Online Piano Lesson Program Details:

This self-paced online piano program is great for all ages of beginners at the piano. It begins with basic overviews that allow for students to repeat lesson modules as many times as needed before moving onto the next lesson. The program is designed as a beginner level introduction to music theory, finger development, and creative application of what has been learned. Prin’s Online Piano Program is a 10-lesson program. Each lesson contains about 20-30 minutes of instruction in the form of video, pictures, and exercises. This program is ideal for students wishing to explore piano at home without needing to participate in one-on-one instruction in person. It’s great for anyone with a keyboard or piano at home. This program is a great precursor to full piano lessons.

Tools Needed for Program:

keyboard or piano / notebook to save notes / internet access to access YouTube links

Program Cost:


Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday Sale (Valid from Nov. 28-Dec.15):


Program Start Date:

Prin’s Online Piano Program goes live on January 18, 2021

How Will This Work:

Register now for FREE and you will receive an online invoice via email on December 16, 2020 to pay for the program. On January 18, 2021, you will receive a special link to access the online program’s instruction material. It will be available to you whenever you wish to learn the lessons, and Prin will be available for any further questions via email. There are no live lessons to schedule with this specific program offering.

How Long Is This Program:

It can be as long or as short as you like! That’s the best part about a self-paced online program. You can start or stop lessons, repeat videos, and move through the lessons as quickly or as slowly as best fits your needs and schedule. There is no wrong or right way to follow this program, but it is suggested that the online program can take anywhere from 8-15 weeks to complete, depending on age, level of practicing, and personal scheduling.

Refund Policy:

Due to the nature of creative licensing and access to intellectual property, there is a no refund policy for Prin’s Online Piano Program. However, if for some reason this program is not the right fit for you, Prin will be happy to credit you with one 30-minute live virtual piano lesson.


If you have questions, contact Prin via email: