Music by Prin

Prin is a songwriter, piano player and piano/music teacher from the New York City area, living in New Jersey (NJ).

Album – Prin released Dim the Lights, an album of original music and lyrics on iTunes in July 2016, featuring the time, talent and creative genius of some deliciously brilliant musicians:

Doug Yowell, Thad DeBrock, Jonathan Maron and Mark Plati.

NYC music 

The album, Dim the Lights is available on iTunes, Spotify, and more. Prin also has various singles available on ReverbNation, Apple, and Spotify. Her most recent single is the July 2020 instrumental track, No Angels. 

Prin is a songwriter and piano player from NYC and creates music with a balance from different genres. From instrumentals, top lines, and digital productions, Prin writes complete arrangements for artists, tv, film, videography, and advertisements. She is also a music teacher and piano performer with over 25 years of experience.

Listen to Music by Prin on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, ReverbNation, and more!

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