Songwriting by Prin

I consider myself “genre-homeless.”

I use the term to answer the questions that come up about my songwriting style or what type of music I prefer. I love it all – really. I love creating music. I’m a piano player and I love to experiment with percussion sounds.

I’m always tapping or air playing songs, and most of the time, I’m able to hum or compose on the spot. I create very quickly. I’ve always been able to do that and I am happy to develop that. Being able to share those creations is a blessing.


Follow Prin on ReverbNation:

I’m currently listed in ReverbNation.


Prin has a great relationship with Veltri Studios, LLC in Jersey City, NJ, and has recorded her tracks there in great company and musical friendship:

Prin has recently worked with The Bunker Studios in Brooklyn and Alice’s Restaurant in Manhattan. The album Dim the Lights is a project that benefited from the professional atmosphere at both of these studios.

Prin is a member of ASCAP.

Contact Prin for more information on musical collaborations.

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