Songwriting by Prin

I consider myself “genre-homeless.”

I use the term to answer the questions that come up about my songwriting style or what type of music I prefer. I love it all – really. I love creating music. I’m a piano player and I love to experiment with percussion sounds.

I’m always tapping or air playing songs, and most of the time, I’m able to hum or compose on the spot. I create very quickly. I’ve always been able to do that and I am happy to develop that. Being able to share those creations is a blessing.

Listen to Prin on Spotify: (all songs written, performed, and produced by Prin*)

Follow Prin on ReverbNation: (all songs written, performed, and produced by Prin*)

Prin has a great relationship with Veltri Studios, LLC in Jersey City, NJ, and has recorded her tracks there in great company and musical friendship:

Prin has recently worked with The Bunker Studios in Brooklyn and Alice’s Restaurant in Manhattan. The album Dim the Lights is a project that benefited from the professional atmosphere at both of these studios.

Prin is a member of ASCAP.

*Vocal production on The Sound of Us, Dim the Lights single, Believe, and High Five were co-produced with Mark Plati at Alice’s Restaurant studio in NYC. Arrangement of Dim the Lights album was in collaboration with Doug Yowell. Sound engineers for mixing and mastering involved in various projects: John Veltri, Todd Carder, Thomas Durack, and Mark Plati.

Contact Prin for more information on musical collaborations.

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