Wedding Music

Wedding Music by Prin

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding celebration!

Wedding Music in NJ

Prin provides wedding music in NJ for all kinds of marriage celebrations. As a certified wedding planner, Prin enjoys the process of individualizing music for couples to celebrate their love and new life together. Also available for anniversary celebrations and milestones!

Wedding Music in NYC

Prin is available to play wedding music in NYC at all kinds of venues with pianos. She’s also able to bring a digital piano with a mic and amp to accommodate locations that are outdoors or without a piano. Due to the busy dynamics of NYC life, Prin makes sure to work with the venue to ensure sound and electricity access is taken care of before your big day.

Certified Wedding Planner

Back in 2009, Prin was planning her own rustic style wedding in Long Valley, NJ with family and friends coming from the NYC metro area, NJ, CT, and traveling in from other parts of the country. From acoustic music to every detail involving her own event, she decided to DIY by getting certified to do wedding planning with Stratford Institute. The education came in handy for her and for all couples she’s assisted with wedding music plans. From ceremony choices to playlist building, Prin is available to optimize your other vendor choices, too.

As a certified wedding planner and piano player for weddings, I am happy to coordinate your wedding music, even the songs I am not playing live on the piano for you.

Please, fill out the form below for more specific information about wedding music.

Wedding Music Information:

I offer wedding ceremony music and wedding cocktail hour music in New Jersey and New York. I’m also available to provide live piano music during your reception dinner for ambiance. I can also be part of a musical ensemble as a keyboard/piano player.

Wedding Music in New Jersey – Rates

Rates: (some exceptions apply)

$250 cocktail hour instrumental music (roughly 2 hours of music)

$150 ceremony music / planning and performance

$50 for additional singing during ceremony and/or cocktail hour

$50 per additional hour

I do NOT charge travel fees in New Jersey or New York, EXCEPT when your wedding venue exceeds 2 hours of travel for me from Pequannock, NJ, OR if there is a gap between your ceremony and cocktail hour that is longer than 1 hour. We can discuss those details further.

My Equipment:

If your venue has a piano – yippee!

I do expect it to be tuned and I am able to coordinate that for you at an additional charge to pay the piano tuner.

These days, with outdoor weddings and unique wedding venues, I’m completely portable as well. I do need access to an outlet! I use a Yamaha digital piano with a stand (I bring my own piano bench). I also have two amps and a portable mic system. I can plug into a venue’s sound system, but most of the time, I don’t need to do so for intimate cocktail hour affairs. If you’re working with a DJ or band, I would connect with them to discuss sound system needs well in advance of your day.

Song Lists:

I offer an extensive offering of song lists. Please, contact me for requests and samples. I’ve played religious and secular weddings, and I’m very much able to create unique arrangements of popular songs to make them “appropriate” for a ceremony or cocktail hour. Whether you want a traditional song or a classic rock instrumental, I will probably never say no to any of your requests!

My own musical tastes are broad and I have song lists in every genre.

Please, contact me for song list samples. I can play a piano instrumental of Ozzy Osbourne as much as Bach, so just ask! I’m very open to different styles, including eclectic requests. I’m a songwriter and producer, so I have no issues developing a rendition or medley for your wedding music!

A Few Wedding Ideas:

1. I am able to perform with other musicians and vocalists. I can also recommend other musicians for your wedding day.

2. If you’re not sure how to plan ceremony music, just ask me. I can handle all of it and plan a traditional or modern ceremony. I also do full masses and liturgical songs for church wedding music.

3. If you have no idea what to play during cocktail hour, I will likely create a song list that blends classical instrumentals, standards (think Sinatra), Broadway (old and new), 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2K, and current radio hits and indie finds. My goal is to make everyone from your flower girl to your grandma enjoy, at least, one song! That should be your goal, too. 🙂

4. Cocktail hour should be 1 hour, but many venues allow for guests to show up early. I account for that in my rate. I always assume that I need to play a few minutes before and after the agreed upon time at no extra cost.

Please, contact me on how to let music make your special day even more beautiful! Best of luck to you and your future spouse.

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