Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons – Pequannock, NJ

Prin offers private piano lessons in Pequannock, NJ to students, ages 2 through adult. Prin also offers small group programs for early learners and beginner piano students who are not quite ready for a one-on-one private lesson.

Piano Teacher in NJ - Prin with piano student
Private Piano Teacher in NJ –
Prin with piano student

Piano Lessons

“It is never too early to start learning the piano. It is also never too late.”

– Prin

Piano Curriculum:

Piano lessons include:

  • Music theory
  • Sightreading
  • Songwriting
  • Personalized song and exercise selection

Piano Lesson Style:

Classical music, Pop, Ear training, and Improv

Do I need a piano to start lessons?

No, but you do need a keyboard.

Piano Teacher Expectations:

I expect my students to practice daily. Even 5 minutes is better than no minutes.

Piano Lesson Schedule – Weekly Lessons:

I encourage students to see me once a week. 30 minutes!

Piano Lessons – Costs/Fees: 2019

Piano lessons are $30 for 30 minutes in my home (Pequannock, NJ / Pompton Plains, NJ). That schedule is very limited.

Alternate arrangements may cost a bit more to account for travel time and gas, ranging from $30 – $60 per 30 minutes in Northern New Jersey and Rockland County. I do offer sibling discounts, if lessons are arranged back to back.

I bill in advance to reserve lesson days and times for private lessons.

The first lesson is a single no-obligation paid trial.

Lessons are also available via Skype or Facetime for those outside of the area or with challenging schedules!

Group Piano Lesson – Costs/Fees:

Group piano is held in Pequannock, NJ, and depending on the time of year, it is held in Friendship Hall or my home. The group setting is a piano lesson that has games, exercises, and some social aspects in a small group.

It’s a good introduction before private piano lessons for very young beginner students. It is not music and movement, general music, or a sing-a-long class.

Children are expected to practice in between lessons and learn songs. The final class of each session is always a “mini recital” for parents.

The cost for group piano is $100 for 10 weeks, paid in full through PayPal or Venmo. There are no makeup classes available, but we can always accommodate some extra minutes before or after group class begins if a student has missed too many group classes. There are no trials for group piano, but any student can do a trial private lesson with Prin to see if group piano would be a better fit.

Rainbow Piano Class – Costs / Fees:

This is a group music class through the Melody Mom program in Friendship Hall. “Piano Prin” has run various music and sensory programs for a couple of years along with Renae Semeraro AKA “Melody Mom,” by offering early learning fun with music. From Keyboard Dance Party to Sensory, Sounds, and Music, and more, the Rainbow Piano Party class consists of a color-based program to help toddlers learn their colors and use them in rhythm games, developing fine motor skills for hands and feet. This is not a sit-down or drop-off program, and caretakers are asked to help participants move their hands and feet to “play” the color coded keys and to dance along to the various songs as a group. This class is usually offered in the summer.

Rainbow Piano Party is $25 for 4 weeks. Registration cannot be prorated and there are no trials for this program.

The Piano Teacher – to – Piano Student Relationship:

My students are encouraged to perform and create their own music, too.

Practicing in between lessons is key.

For young students, it’s crucial that parents understand the value of making time within the child’s existing schedule to practice at home in between lessons with any teacher. Otherwise, piano/music can morph into an unpleasant obligation, which is not what anyone wants.

Piano lessons are often a music lesson for the parent, too. Unlike group lessons, parents are welcome to stay during private one-on-one lessons.

My relationship with a student is to help them grow in music. A student’s relationship with music is up to them. Not everyone is a musician, but everyone can learn to appreciate music. My goal is to help a student appreciate the learning process, and I’m not overly pushy with performance pressure. I do, however, offer performing opportunities with recitals and other local events.


Piano lessons in Pequannock, NJ

I am within traveling distance for students in:

Piano lessons Pompton Plains, NJ

Piano lessons Wayne, NJ

Piano lessons Lincoln Park, NJ

Piano lessons Riverdale, NJ

Near Route 23

Near Route 46

Near Route 80


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