Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons Pequannock, NJ

Prin offers private piano lessons in Pequannock, NJ to students, ages 2 through adult. Piano lessons are taught by owner, not outsourced to anyone else. Prin is the teacher. While this does create a limited schedule when compared to music schools, it also provides a more individualized approach to piano lessons for each student.

Lessons will be virtual or take place at Prin’s location. Music lessons in Pequannock, NJ include piano, vocal, songwriting, music production, music appreciation, music theory, and / or improv training. Music lessons and piano lessons are also available at Prin’s location in Jersey City, NJ.

Register for Piano Lessons Here – Click on This Link to Fill Out Form. 🙂 

Piano Teacher in NJ - Prin with piano student
Private Piano Teacher in NJ –
Prin with piano student

What makes piano lessons and music lessons with Prin different than other music schools and music teachers?

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked in traditional classroom settings as a music teacher. I’ve managed a piano school, and I’ve taught privately, all while writing my own music, performing on the piano, and releasing songs I’ve made.

I see many wonderful music programs that thrive to teach beginners and focus on pushing performance even when a student is not ready for that yet. Performance is a wonderful thing. As an educator, I encourage the love of music and we all teach with different levels of expertise. A big part of what I bring to the table is that I am an actual songwriting artist. I’m not only an educator and I’m not only a performer. I am not only a business person running a school or hiring other music teachers to teach my roster.

I love the piano. I think in piano. 🙂

I’ve played the piano since I was a toddler and I’ve been classically trained by private music mentors. I began performing as a paid musician at 15 years old, and I’ve directed choirs at elementary through college levels. I’ve performed my own music and released albums. I know how to improv on a musical piece to make a popular song accessible by piano. I can compose on the spot. I’m an artist, and I share how to make artistic decisions with my students. Sometimes that process is slow. Of course, we learn the basics first! Of course, I encourage performance when possible, but my teaching approach is geared to help students be able to play a song they love one day, not only lesson books or songs I push on them.

If you’re exploring music for the first time, I’ll level with you at any age. My older students have a say in what they learn. I individualize lessons once students turn 8 years old. I take parent feedback into the lesson goals. I believe in early learning and long-term relationships with music mentors. If you’re looking for your child to truly learn the art of music, piano, singing, songwriting, or production, I’d be happy to be their first steps in private music education.

Piano Lessons

“It is never too early to start learning the piano. It is also never too late.”

– Prin

Piano Curriculum:

Piano lessons include:

  • Lesson Books and Sheet Music
  • Music theory exercises
  • Sightreading notes
  • Songwriting basics
  • Personalized song and exercise selection for all levels

Piano Lesson Style:

Classical music, Pop, Ear training, and Improv

Do I need a piano to start lessons?

No, but you do need a keyboard.

Piano Teacher Practice Expectations:

I expect my students to practice daily. Even 5 minutes is better than no minutes.

Piano Lesson Schedule – Weekly Lessons:

I encourage students to see me once a week for 30 minutes.

Older and advanced students may take 45 or 60 minute lessons, if needed.

Piano Lessons – Costs/Fees: Expected for 2022

Piano lessons are $40 for 30 minutes in my home (Pequannock, NJ / Pompton Plains, NJ). I teach the piano lessons in Pequannock, because it is also an easy area to get to from Wayne, Riverdale, Butler, Boonton, and other areas in Northern NJ. That schedule is very limited at this time. The same rate applies to virtual lessons.

Songwriting lessons, music production lessons, or hybrid vocal and piano lessons start at $45 for 45 minutes. Please, note that Hybrid piano and vocal lessons depend on a student’s age and abilities.

Online lessons are offered with live (scheduled) Zoom, Skype, or Facetime lessons.

In-person piano lessons at student’s homes have been suspended ever since Covid-19. Online learning will be available for music students outside of the Pequannock, NJ area for piano and vocal lessons. Group lessons are postponed until further notice, too and will resume via Zoom in the Fall 2022 schedule. Sustainable efforts are important to music education and Prin wants to ensure that lessons are consistently provided to students.

Piano Lessons Pequannock


I bill in advance to reserve lesson days and times for private piano lessons in NJ or online. Lessons are not lost when cancelled or rescheduled, but I will make note of any habitual cancelling at the last minute. If a student does not register and pay for their lesson bundle, they do not secure their day and time for a lesson. I cannot save a day and time without payment, because other families are waiting to hear back from me to fit them into my roster. This is why billing is done in advance. I also try to communicate in advance for next bundle dates and costs for proper planning. 

Piano Lesson Bundles: 

We have resumed bundle billing by season. Typically, I provide a fall, winter, spring, and summer bundle option. In most cases, everyone has the same number of lessons per bundle. To accommodate late registration, I may modify a bundle to start a new student mid-season. Summer is always limited and geared towards “not getting rusty.” I do not teach regular weekly piano lessons during the summer.

Lesson bundles consist of 10 lessons at a time except for summer.

For example, a student taking piano lessons once a week for 30 minutes registers for a 10 lesson bundle. Each lesson is $40 and the total cost is $400. If payment is not received in advance, day and time is not reserved. Split cost registration is allowed upon request.

All lesson costs include method books and sheet music used throughout lessons. On occasion, the teacher may email a PDF to a parent to print, which is a licensed piece of music that has been paid for instructional use.

I accept Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, and / or cash and checks.

The first lesson for new students is a single no-obligation paid trial.

Lessons are also available via Skype or Facetime for those outside of the NY and NJ area!

Skype piano lessons, virtual piano lessons, piano lessons on Facetime, and all modern virtual leaning tools for music education are available. Just ask! I am also able to do screen share lessons for those interested in songwriting lessons and music production lessons. 

Group Piano Lesson – Costs/Fees:

Group piano lessons have been postponed ever since the pandemic in 2020. At this time, only siblings of the same household can share lesson time. Cost is dependent on lesson duration and student ages. Ask! 🙂

Rainbow Piano – Costs / Fees:

I have had great success introducing a diverse group of students to piano with this method. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, I am unavailable to bring rainbow piano to school settings or daycare settings, and I am unable to bring rainbow piano to your home. This program is suspended until further notice.


I enjoy using this method and have had success for almost 20 years helping students with various developmental disabilities enjoy learning piano and music this way. If you would like private lessons with me to use the Rainbow Piano method, contact me to discuss your specific needs and goals. Please, don’t hesitate to inform me and I will try to accommodate your situation during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The Piano Teacher – to – Piano Student Relationship:

  1. My students are encouraged to perform and create their own music, too.
  2. Practicing in between lessons is key.
  3. For young students, it’s crucial that parents make the time for their child to practice. I can’t control a student’s practicing outside of my lesson with them.
  4. Piano lessons are often a music lesson for the parent, too. I send lesson notes that I take during the lesson via text (or email) to parents each week. The goal is to make it easy for parents to help with at-home practicing of the instrument.
  5. My relationship with a student is to help them grow in music. A student’s relationship with music is up to them. Not everyone is a natural musician, but everyone can learn to appreciate music. My goal is to help a student with the learning process, and I’m not overly pushy with performance pressure. I do, however, offer performing opportunities with recitals and other local events, and I also allow for studio recording or digital recording for students who show interest. It would be nice to participate in a recital once a year before the summer. While I am very flexible with scheduling conflicts and other family and student demands, I do expect students to practice in between lessons, and I will address this consistently, if a student is not practicing too many lessons in a row. If a student does not practice at all in between lessons, it is likely we won’t be the best fit together after a few months. The main reason is not for my sake, but that not practicing makes a student feel unprepared and lack confidence during their lesson with me, which in turn, makes a child avoid piano and me!


Piano lessons in Pequannock, NJ

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