Tegan and Sara: all their songs are awesome

I heard “Closer” on the radio a while back and I didn’t really focus on it. While listening to Spotify, “I Was a Fool” began to play and I fell in love with the tune. Tegan and Sara have a great sound that blends pop-friendly music with indie songwriting. I’ve become a big fan.

There’s not much to be said other than to recommend listening to music by Tegan and Sara. The Canadian band has been taking off after over 13 years of hard work, and I think that’s cool, too. It’s nice to see good musicians get the recognition they have earned.

Their website has more information than I could ever include in this blog. You can even listen to their songs for free off of their latest album, Heartthrob. They have several West Coast shows coming up, which is exciting for them. I wish I wasn’t relegated to the East Coast!

Tegan and Sara Website:





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