Music Production

Prin – songwriter, producer, piano player

Prin offers demo, mixing, and mastering services at a great price with work for hire and collaboration options available.


A demo allows for the audio vision of your song to come to life! I’m happy to work with vocal recordings to edit them into a polished demo for your songs with my production.


If you’re looking to release your song online and to have a proper recording quantized, edited, and analyzed for EQ, balance, and a variety of sound quality specifications, I’m happy to work on Logic Pro to create your mix for your tracking stems.


Many people confuse mixing and mastering, but the two services are different. If you have a mix and would like to clean it up or see if it can become ready for professional distribution, mastering is the final icing on the cake for all songs!

Music Production Samples

Prin offers an ambient vibe within her production style, regardless of genres. Below are a few samples of released songs fully produced, mixed, and mastered by Prin.