My Favorite Song of All Time

Hello! Welcome to my new music blog! Thanks for visiting.

The best way for me to start writing about music is to pay some homage to my earliest and most enduring inspiration – my all time favorite song. It happens to be “Every Breath You Take” by The Police. I was about 5 when I first heard Sting’s voice and fell in love with his music. This tune never lost its connection to me and I found multiple meanings in it throughout my life.

I was a small child in the 1980s, but I had diverse taste in music at a young age. Since I was a little musician, I became emotionally connected to the music and musician. When I look back, my first obsession was Laura Branigan’s “Gloria,” and I cried when she died in 2004, remembering how I wished I’d grow up to look just like her album cover for “Branigan.” Genesis soaked up much of my attention as a child, too, and I recall asking Santa to bring me their cassettes for Christmas. Cute… For some reason, I fell in love with the raspy cool sound of John Fogerty’s voice and CCR was my jam for years! Between fun 1980s music and Classic Rock, I listened to everything from The Doors (my favorite band) to Buddy Holly (why did he have to die so young?) and Tori Amos (fellow piano gal). I grew into my grunge rock phase with a fervent love for Nirvana, and I was inconsolable when Kurt Cobain died. Yet, through it all, Sting’s voice always managed to have a hold of my attention in this song, no matter what genre of music was in trend at the time.

From imagining the lyrics were sung by an obsessive lover to thinking that God felt this way about me, “Every Breath You Take” gave me an outlet to daydream and escape. When I was a child, I’d ponder over the meaning of what Sting meant when he wrote “every claim you stake” since I didn’t have enough language or life skills to understand the metaphor. I even took comfort in the lyrics of someone watching over me after my father passed away. There’s simply not a single moment in my life that I cannot apply to this song. It’s the best. Period.

And…the video is so genuinely focused on the music! It rocks!

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