“I wonder how many times you’ve been had…” Rodriguez’s guitar, lyrics and music

Last year, my best friend invited me to see Rodriguez in NYC and I was blown-away by his performance at 71 years young. Sixto Rodriguez connects to his listeners with such simplicity. His lyrics are metaphorical without being too heady and his guitar playing combines perfectly with the various messages in his folk music. Some songs are hands-down beautiful, especially when the words are taken into consideration.

My favorite of his songs is “I Wonder,” and it may be that I love the lyrics and the folk rock sound of his guitar in this song. I have a soft spot for artists who sing it like they would speak it in real life, and Rodriguez does just that – effortlessly. I feel like I’ve thought these lyrics in my head throughout my life with different people, and I’m sure others share the sentiment. The song reminds me of how we get consumed and lost in wondering about a person, even when there are more important issues in the world. Regardless, I can attest that for a man who began his career in the 1970s, he still sounds the same today. He’s awesome!




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