Songwriter vs. Performer

I’ve given plenty of thought to my image and goals with my music since I have the upcoming album in the works. I’m a songwriter. What does that really mean to people? Most music listeners are interested in the performers, the people who carry the song. I respect that and that’s why I love being a songwriter. I hear music in my head and feel most passionate about writing riffs, basic chord progressions, playing with keys, planning harmonies and developing lyrics. I get lost in plotting a song’s potential.

Prin – Songwriter

I’m not usually worried about whether or not my performance is riveting. That’s a flaw, but with that flaw comes a fearless will to try anything with music…and that’s a quality. While I don’t think it’s a “this or that” situation for me, I believe mainstream music, radio and music fans make it a thing to ponder. I choose songwriting. I’m a songwriter. 🙂

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