Album – Dim the Lights

Album – Dim the Lights by Prin

Dim the Lights by Prin

NYC music New album – Dim the Lights








Release Date – July 2016

Music and Lyrics by Prin

Instrumental Arrangements by Prin and Doug Yowell

Production by Prin

Vocal Production by Prin and Mark Plati


Recorded at:

The Bunker Studios in Brooklyn – New York City

Alice’s Restaurant in Manhattan – New York City


Piano and Vocals by Prin

Drums and Percussions by Doug Yowell

Guitars by Thad DeBrock

Bass by Jonathan Maron and Mark Plati

Background Vocals by Prin, Tina Rudnick, and Aleksandra Sielski


Album’s First Single – Dim the Lights – January 2016


Dim the Lights – Single by Prin


Behind the Album Title Meaning

Dim the Lights comes from the title track song. However, the idea of dimming the lights and limiting visual stimulation to focus on what can only be seen with the heart and soul represents the album’s vibe. Each song explores some intangible aspect of the human heart and spirit journey. From “The Sound of Us” to “Believe,” the album begins and ends with pieces of a story from the heart.



Label – Unsigned – Independent Artist

ASCAP member (Princess Yvonne Dumas)