I truly enjoy arranging songs in my head and don’t typically get the chance to explore production since I work alone as an independent songwriter. Using GarageBand for the first time was very fun and made me realize that it is okay to be a little less “organic” when showcasing my songwriting. When I write piano and vocal tracks only, it is hard for others to hear the genre I intend or the instrumentation I think has potential for a song. This really made me feel good about the upcoming album, too, since people will get to hear why I refer to myself as “genre homeless.”

This song is called “Hiding” and I used a house drum set to create the groove. I did input all of the sounds and tried to take a stab at mixing – lol – eek! For anyone who knows me and my NYC roots, house music is a big influence in my idea of percussion sounds. I think it sounds pretty cool for a first try, and I’m already incorporating the app into my songwriting routines. 🙂


I’ve given plenty of thought to my image and goals with my music since I have the upcoming album in the works. I’m a songwriter. What does that really mean to people? Most music listeners are interested in the performers, the people who carry the song. I respect that and that’s why I love being a songwriter. I hear music in my head and feel most passionate about writing riffs, basic chord progressions, playing with keys, planning harmonies and developing lyrics. I get lost in plotting a song’s potential.

Prin – Songwriter

I’m not usually worried about whether or not my performance is riveting. That’s a flaw, but with that flaw comes a fearless will to try anything with music…and that’s a quality. While I don’t think it’s a “this or that” situation for me, I believe mainstream music, radio and music fans make it a thing to ponder. I choose songwriting. I’m a songwriter. 🙂

Prin songwritingI’m excited to be doing a fun personal project through my Facebook page. I am uploading a daily song that I have written that same day. These are raw cuts recorded via iPhone voice memo or phone camera. While the audio is not fantastic, I’m very happy to share my newest thoughts as I try this exercise to create something new each day. I am used to creating daily, but I often let things sit. For July 2015, I’ve been forcing myself to complete a thought or idea to develop a musical rough draft of sorts.


Crash Into Me written by Ashton Lane and Prin Sielski
Crash Into Me written by Ashton Lane and Prin Sielski

Ashton Lane recorded a lovely acoustic version of “Crash Into Me” for one of their kitchen sessions. This song is my collaboration with them.

I love having worked with them on the song, and that it’s finally taking on some shape in Europe. Maybe I need to move?

The acoustic version even played on the radio over there. Of course, it’s also on iTunes! 😉