Music and Parenting

Music and Parenting by Prin 

December 24, 2016

Hello Music Lovers,

I’ve decided to write about this topic – music and parenting – as a musician and parent myself. There is a wonderful balance in pursuing music while raising a family. I joke around about needing to create music, teaching students, and keeping my kids alive, but it’s truly a serious art of balance and making time for everyone, including myself.

It’s not easy to be a working musician and parent.

I’ll be pursuing my previous parenting blog on to feature topics about parenting as a working musician.

I had posted some topics in the past, but due to the album, I took a writing hiatus. I’ve decided that for 2017, I will be pursuing these mediums for creative expression again:

Stay tuned for new entries!

As a musician, I have over 20 years of experience playing gigs, writing music, and recording. As a music teacher, I have a special bond with other people’s children (and some adults) by giving them this piece of me that I hold so dear within myself.

I have learned plenty about people by being a working musician. I’ve also learned plenty about parenting from being an educator. Similarly, I have learned plenty about teaching from being a parent. There is a compatible lifestyle between music and parenting. As a musician, I often work with people and build a bond on this invisible connection of sound. As a parent, I nurture another fully individual person by building a bond on this invisible connection of love. Both bonds are a beautiful thing. I hope to describe a bridge between the popular impression our culture makes about working musicians to the reality of those of us in the majority of the music world who sustain regular lives while pursuing our passion to create.

I hope it is helpful and inspiring to some – especially those musicians out there who struggle with making time for music due to other life responsibilities.

I am with you. I hear you.

Love and peace,

Prin 🙂