Album – The Calm PRINciples

Album – The Calm PRINciples


Release Date – December 2021

Music and Lyrics by Prin

Instrumental Arrangements by Prin

Production by Prin

Vocal Production by Prin

Recorded at:

Prin’s Home Studio – Pequannock, NJ

Piano, Keyboards, and Vocals by Prin

Album’s First Single – Oooh Song – November 2021

Behind the Album Title Meaning

The Calm PRINciples is based on the book by the same name by Prin under her authorship as Princess Yvonne Dumas. It focuses on calm living goals, incorporating music, writing, and education as wellness tools. The ambient music includes sound healing elements that blend instrumentals and vocalizing song arrangements. Playing on her name, PRINciples felt like a fitting way to title the book and album.

Label – Unsigned – Independent Artist

ASCAP member (Princess Yvonne Dumas)

Get a Personalized Sound Healing Song Made by Prin

Please, feel free to contact me at and we can discuss how you can get a personalized song made for you! Personalized sound healing music is a great tool to add to your existing yoga, exercise, prayer, meditation, or sleep routines. I’d be happy to discuss creating background music for stressful work environments or how to adjust the mood in a home or personal space. Personalized songs are not released as my artist singles to Spotify or YouTube, but they can be, if you really love it! These are meant to be for YOU and will be released to YouTube for your enjoyment. You will also receive an MP3 file. They are separate from any collaboration projects I do with fellow musicians and songwriters. These sound healing songs are an easy process and more intended for therapeutic goals with a holistic approach.

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