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Piano player PrinI’m excited to be recording some new songs and laying them out. In the next few months, I will be arranging previously recorded songs to really polish them up. The process is going to take a long time, but I’m looking forward to it. This most recent batch of songs will be redone and I have a few more songs to revamp! “The Sound of Sex” and “High Five” join “The Sound of Us” for this week’s most recent batch!

Brian Prin Hawaii“The Sound of Us” is a song I wrote as a gift to my husband on his birthday. I had been writing the melody and lyrics for a while, but it finally came together at the last minute. I like the song and look forward to re-recording it in the upcoming months.

Prin's logo, designed by Priscilla George
Prin’s logo, designed by Priscilla George

I’m so excited to be working with some new artists and getting some great ideas out of my head and into some instruments. 🙂

In September, I’ll begin writing/arranging and cleaning up some tracks. This is really cool and I’m working on some new collaborations, too. I may be recording something a bit longer. That’s your hint!

Stay tuned!

Prin is writing new music.
Prin is writing new music.

“The Sound of Sex”

Hello, naughty song title! My new song is turning out to be a bit steamy. It’s called, “The Sound of Sex,” and I’ll be mixing some cool percussion and piano sounds to make it all happen. Here’s a sneak peak at the lyrics:


“And if you behave, I may just cave. You may finally hear the sounds you long to hear from me…”


Screenshot from Thunder 106 Keith Urban contest - 2014
Screenshot from Thunder 106 Keith Urban contest – 2014

I was undecided for a while, but took the chance to try out for this contest. It sounded like a blast and I’ve been looking to get back into performing.

Even though my heart is in songwriting, I do miss connecting with an audience of live listeners. I found out about the Thunder 106 contest and decided to climb up a tree and sing! Ha!

Fun times!