About Prin

Prin is a songwriter, piano player and piano/music teacher from the New York City area, living in New Jersey (NJ).

Album – Prin released Dim the Lights, an album of original music and lyrics on iTunes in July 2016, featuring the time, talent and creative genius of some deliciously brilliant musicians:

Doug Yowell, Thad DeBrock, Jonathan Maron and Mark Plati.


NYC music album – Dim the Lights


Available on iTunes, Spotify, and more.





Prin began working as a musician at age 15 in New Jersey through churches, weddings, private parties and performing small gigs in New York City since 1995.

Songwriter Prin – Piano Player


In 2000, Prin began teaching music in Manhattan.

She continues to work in music education for children and adults as Manager for The Piano School of NYC, expanding music education programs for children and adults, including students with developmental disabilities and learning challenges in New Jersey, Rockland County, and Westchester.

Around 2003, Prin began experimenting with recording, arrangement, and production at Veltri Studios in Jersey City.

In 2013, Prin connected with Esther O’Connor from the Scottish band, Ashton Lane, to co-write “Crash into Me,” released on iTunes by the band in 2014 as a single included in the 2015 album “Count the Stars.”

Prin – Songwriter

In 2015, Prin released “The Sound of Sex” and “Think of You” – both singles that are not in the Dim The Lights album and no longer in distribution as of 2018.

In 2015, Prin began planning with old-time friend and drummer, Doug Yowell, to record her first professional album production. Doug Yowell is best known as an internationally touring percussionist with legends like Judy Collins, Joe Jackson, Suzanne Vega, and many more artists.

In the summer of 2015, Prin began recording at The Bunker Studios, leading to an early 2016 release of the single, “Dim the Lights” after finishing work on the single at Mark Plati’s Alice’s Restaurant studio in Manhattan. With Mark Plati, well known for his work with David Bowie, and his experitise in vocal production, Prin learned how to complete the album’s finishing touches.

The title track single of the album was released in January 2016 on iTunes and other major distribution as an unsigned artist. It is currently playing on Spotify. “Dim the Lights” also made it to #16 on the Top 20 Chart for the EGH Radio (UK) unsigned artist radio podcast show in January 2016.

Dim the Lights album was released in July 2016 on iTunes.

Prin continues to write music on a regular basis. In March 2018, Prin was accepted to participate in the Judy Stakee songwriting retreat in Nashville, TN. Judy Stakee is a legendary music publisher with a career history working with some of the music industry’s greatest songwriters.





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